Daylesford Hospital

Daylesford Campus

Daylesford campus provides Hospital and Aged Care; Integrated Aged Care and Integrated Primary Care for local Daylesford and Hepburn residents.

Urgent Care

Daylesford Hospital offers an urgent centre which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide the community with health care for the acutely ill and injured.

Acute Hospital

Daylesford Acute Hospital has an 18 bed unit caring for both medical and surgical admissions across a large variety of illnesses, injuries and conditions.

Depending on a patient’s requirements, we utilise a person-centred approach with a collaboration of professionals,   including Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs), Dieticians,    Enrolled and Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Transition Care Program (TCP)/Case Managers.

This multidisciplinary approach ensures identification of any needs throughout a patient’s stay, as well as identifying any needs the patient may have to assist staying safe and healthy after leaving hospital.


Daylesford dialysis is a rural satellite unit of the Royal Melbourne with the ability to treat up to three patients at any one time with a maximum of six patients daily. Hours and days of operation vary depending on workload, with scope to increase if required, although generally are three days per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The unit is regularly running from 7am-7pm on those days to accommodate patient demand.

Patients admitted into Daylesford Dialysis Unit are managed by specialist trained dialysis staff who welcome, admit,   orientate and treat patients within the unit. Staff on the acute ward assist the dialysis nurse in this process when required. This is done under supervision of the specialists at the Northwest Dialysis Service.

Post-Acute Care

The Post-Acute Care Program at Daylesford Hospital provides additional support via community-based services to assist people on discharge following a public hospital admission, urgent care presentation, or as an interim support measure prior to the commencement of longer term care. The program aims to prevent hospital readmission.

The services PAC can provide will depend on a thorough risk screen/assessment which is carried out as an inpatient and is tailored to fit the patient’s needs. This includes:

  • Explanation of program to all patients or carers
  • Obtaining consent prior to service commencement
  • Determination of services required
  • Creation of a program tailored to requirements
  • Review of the program whilst in place and consideration of how the patient will manage once the service is completed.

People who are referred to the PAC program are contacted regularly by the PAC Co-ordinator to monitor if the services they are receiving are beneficial and progressing well. The program runs for a period of four weeks, whereby the     individual will receive most of these services free, and may include any combination of the following common services:

  • District Nurse visits
  • Personal Hygiene assistance
  • Home care assistance
  • Shopping assistance
  • Carer respite
  • Setup of personal safety alarms (subsidised or at cost)
  • Meals on Wheels (cost to client)
  • Physiotherapy

Transition Care

For details on Transition Care please visit HERE

Hospital & Aged Care
17 Hospital Street, Daylesford 3460
T: 03 5321 6500
F: 03 5321 6546

Integrated Aged Care
18 Hospital Street, Daylesford 3460
T: 03 5321 6596

Integrated Primary Care
13 Hospital Street, Daylesford 3460
T: 03 5321 6550
F: 03 5348 1785