Our Strategic Intent

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Goals

Identify opportunities to strengthen acute service delivery across HHS

  • Review and strengthen acute services across HHS
    Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of acute services
  • Identify opportunities to deliver innovative and efficient health services using technology

Provide safe, high quality, person-centered and appropriate healthcare

  • Develop a quality management framework to guide the delivery of high quality integrated services across the organisation
  • Develop a quality action plan to deliver high quality and integrated service across the organisation

Strengthen our position as a leader in the provision of local aged care services

  • Better meet the needs of our aged care community
    Invest in aged care infrastructure
  • Improve awareness of what we can do for our aged care community

Maintain our role as a leader in the provision of local health and community services

  • Review and expand community service provision
  • Focus on strengthening partnerships to deliver community health to improve the health of the local community
  • Invest time in, and develop, community programs

Develop and strengthen our workplace culture, staff engagement and leadership development

  • Embed an ethical, just and respectful culture
    Develop a culture of continual learning
  • Commit to keeping our staff safe and physically and psychologically well

Our Values





Our Commitment

We will demonstrate Hepburn Health values in all that we do.
We will deliver personal, connected, effective and safe care to all our consumers across the continuum of care, every time



We care about what is important to our patients, clients and residents. We respect their unique needs and circumstances by providing consumer directed care and services where individuals’ wishes are understood and met


Our consumers range from the very young to the very old. We take pride in providing all who seek our services with care that is coordinated and connected. Clear, correct, timely and appropriately information is shared with those who need it


We provide the right care in the right way and in the right time. Clinical care is informed by the best available evidence and research. Our staff have the skills and knowledge, and are appropriately qualified, to do the work they are employed to do.


Our consumers are safe in our care. We listen to our consumers and encourage them to speak up about any concerns they may have about their safety. Our systems, processes and practices support zero harm – if we see something wrong. We speak up.